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Monday, November 11, 2019

Ka‘ū News Briefs, Monday, November 11, 2019

Youth Challenge, which volunteers for ʻO Kaʻū Kākou and Nā Mamo O Kaʻū events, paraded for Veterans Day in
Hilo on Saturday. OKK held its Veterans Day event in Nāʻālehu. See photos in tomorrow's Kaʻū News Briefs.
Photo by David Corrigan/Big Island Video News
"WE HONOR THE SERVICE OF MILLIONS OF AMERICANS," said Sen. Mazie Hirono in her Veterans Day message. She wrote that veterans, "through their commitment, defended the values and freedoms we cherish. Today, we also renew our commitment to serve our veterans and express our sincere gratitude for the personal sacrifices they have made for us. From the Filipino World War II veteran hoping to reunite with their family in the United States to the young veteran returning home from Afghanistan, it is incumbent on all of us serving in Congress to uphold the promises we've made to those who wore the uniform of our country.
     "As a member of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, I will continue to push for legislation and hold officials accountable to ensure our veterans receive the care and benefits they've earned."

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TULSI GABBARD, CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT, KAʻŪ'S CONGRESSWOMAN, and a Major in the Hawaiʻi Army National Guard, tweeted this morning: "On this day and every day, let us all pledge — as Americans, as patriots, as those who love our country — to honor our men and women in uniform by making sure that no veteran is left behind, that they're always taken care of." She also spoke at the inaugural Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Veterans Day celebration.
     She honored the men and women throughout history "who have worn the cloth of this country,"
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, speaking today at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.
 Photo from Gabbard
with a promise to support and defend, even when it requires making the ultimate sacrifice to do so. She described their spirit as "Acta Non Verba - action, not words."
     Gabbard said Veterans Day celebrates men and women across generations who have "put service above self - to put the wellbeing of American people and our country above all else.
     "Now at a time when we have too many leaders who are looking out for their own selfish interests, for power or fame or profit, let this day, this Veterans Day, be that shining example of what service really means for the leaders of our country to follow.
     She said that the terrorist attack on 9/11 "completely changed my life. It's what motivated my decision to enlist in the military and go after and to destroy the evil that visited on that day."
     She reviewed her service including first working in a medical unit in 2005, about 40 miles north of Baghdad where her first task of the day in a field unit was to go through a list, name by name, of every American service member injured or hurt in the previous 24 hours. "It was heart wrenching every day because I knew that their names were not just names on a page, that these were my brothers and sisters, and that behind every single one of them, waiting anxiously at home, were moms and dads, husbands and wives, children, brothers and sisters. So many never got to make that trip home, never got to say that final goodbye, leaving their families with an emptiness that could never be filled. We will never forget our brothers and sisters."
     She told of her own return from the war zone to Hawaiʻi, landing at Hickham Air Force Base where she walked off the plane "to the sweetest trade wind breezes that I have ever felt. We stood in that formation that we had been looking forward to for so long, hundreds of us standing shoulder to shoulder, listening to the final speech from our commanding officer, waiting for that most important word, 'dismissed.'
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard celebrated the anniversary of the U.S. Marines on Sunday in New Hampshire and addressed the
LA County's Veterans Day celebration on Monday. Photo from Gabbard
     "We were met by our families there who held 'Welcome Home' signs and were cheering." Gabbard said that when her dad hugged her, it was the first time she had seen him cry. "As I hugged him I felt him sobbing with tears of relief. My mom then joined in the hug and for me, in that moment, that was really when I began to realize the great sacrifice that military families and our loved ones make while we're gone. While we're deployed, we're focused on our mission; we're focused on getting the job done, and thank God, it's our families who are at home who are holding down the fort. But it is our families who lay awake at night, fearing that that knock on the door may come."
     She said that as she reviewed the daily list of injured in Iraq, "thinking about those who pay the price for these wars, I also wondered how many of our politicians who make this decision also laid awake at night, worrying about our brothers and sisters in uniform. My guess was not that many.
     "Those of us who've been deployed were all too familiar with the quick stops in country that politicians make. They come in, touch down for a few hours, bring troops together for a quick photo op, and then go home. We're tired of these self-serving politicians; tired of those who are unwilling to sacrifice their own lives for our freedom and our safety, but are all too willing to sacrifice the lives of our men and women in uniform. Politicians - you send us into harm's way, to be the world's police, to topple dictators we don't like, to fight unnecessary wars that actually undermine our national security; squandering taxpayer dollars, destroying entire countries, and then, turning their backs on us when we come home."
     She gave the example of toxic burn pits in the Middle East, where the U.S. military set fire to its waste. Those suffering and dying from exposure - before they can get the care, said Gabbard, "We've got to provide proof of that mixing pot of trash and ash that we inhaled every single day of our multiple deployments."
     She also pointed to the high suicide rate and opioid epidemic among veterans who need more help. See the entire speech at facebook.com/TulsiGabbard/videos/685296228625789/.

Sen. Kai Kahele and his family. Photo from Kahele
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CANDIDATE TO REPRESENT KAʻŪ IN CONGRESS, KAI KAHALE, released this Veterans Day statement:
     "Please join me in thanking the millions of men and women who have donned a uniform in service to our country. Today, we remember all veterans who have bravely safeguarded our daily freedoms and democracy that are the pillars of our society, to which we have gratefully grown accustomed. We honor their sacrifices, commitment, and selfless service. We also honor the sacrifice of men and women who do their jobs to protect the freedoms we all are fortunate to have today.
     "On this Veterans Day, we honor all who have served. We thank you and your families for your service to our country. May God bless our veterans, their families, and the United States of America."

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A 4.9 EARTHQUAKE SHOOK KAʻŪ LIGHTLY at 6:36 a.m., with its epicenter about 11 miles southwest of Laupāhohoe at a depth of 20 miles, reports U.S. Geological Survey's Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.
In red, foreshocks, the main shock, and aftershocks
of this morning's Manakea quake. USGS map
     Light to moderate shaking, with a maximum Intensity of V on the Mercalli Intensity Scale, was reported around the island, with weak shaking reported from as far away as Oʻahu. The USGS "Did you feel it?" service, http://earthquake.usgs.gov/dyfi/, received over 1,000 felt reports within an hour of the earthquake.
     A magnitude-2.6 foreshock occurred in the same area about three minutes prior to the main shock. Aftershocks have already been recorded; more are likely, and some could be felt.
     The depth, location, and recorded seismic waves of the M4.9 earthquake suggest a source due to bending of the oceanic plate from the weight of the volcanoes in the Hawaiian Island chain, a common source for earthquakes in this area.
     According to HVO Scientist-in-Charge Tina Neal, "HVO monitoring networks have not detected any significant changes in activity on Kīlauea or Mauna Loa Volcanoes due to the earthquake." The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has stated that there is no tsunami threat from this earthquake. Hawaiʻi County Civil Defense reports that Department of Public Works personnel will be checking roadways in the area for rockfalls.
     For information on recent earthquakes in Hawaiʻi and eruption updates, visit the USGS HVO website, volcanoes.usgs.gov/hvo/earthquakes/.
     Daily updates about ongoing eruptions, recent images and videos of summit and East Rift Zone volcanic activity, maps, and data about recent earthquakes in Hawaiʻi are posted at volcanoes.usgs.gov/observatories/hvo.

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Turkey Trot Event Registration, Nov. 12-27, Ka‘ū District Gym. Event takes place Wednesday, Nov. 27, noon-2p.m. Grades Pre-K to 6. 928-3102, hawaiicounty.gov/departments/parks-and-recreation/recreation

Turkey Windsock Activity Registration, Nov. 12-19, Ka‘ū District Gym. Program takes place Wednesday, Nov. 20, 3:30-5p.m., multipurpose room. Grades K-6. 928-3102, hawaiicounty.gov/departments/parks-and-recreation/recreation

Birding at Kīpukapuaulu, Tuesday, Nov. 12, 8-10a.m., Kīpukapuaulu - Bird Park - parking lot, HVNP. Led by retired USGS Biologist Nic Sherma. Two hour birding tour. $40/person. Register online. Organized by Friends of Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park. 985-7373, admin@fhvnp.org, fhvnp.org

Cultural Understanding through Art and the Environment: Lauhala Weaving with Ku‘uipo Kakahiki-Morales, Tuesday, Nov. 12, 11a.m.-1p.m., Volcano Art Center. $10 per person supply fee. 967-8222, volcanoartcenter.org

After Dark in the Park - Sixty Years Later: 1959 Eruption of Kīlauea Iki and its Impacts on Volcanology, Tuesday, Nov. 12, 7-8p.m., Kīlauea Visitor Center Auditorium. Hawaiian Volcano Observatory scientist emeritus Don Swanson presents. Free; park entrance fees apply. 985-6011, nps.gov/havo/

Nā Pa‘ani Hula, Wednesday, Nov. 13, 10a.m.-noon, outside Hale Noa o Kīlauea, across from Volcano Art Center Gallery, HVNP. Hula practitioner Amy Kaʻawaloa demonstrates the instruments used to provide rhythmic structure to hula. Free; park entrance fees apply. 985-6011, nps.gov/havo/

Trail Less Traveled, Wednesday, Nov. 13, 10a.m.-noon, Devastation Trail parking lot, HVNP. Moderate, 2 mile, two hour roundtrip hike. $40/person. Register online. Family friendly. Organized by Friends of Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park. 985-7373, admin@fhvnp.org, fhvnp.org

Birding at Kīpukapuaulu, Thursday, Nov. 14, 8-10a.m., Kīpukapuaulu - Bird Park - parking lot, HVNP. Led by retired USGS Biologist Nic Sherma. Two hour birding tour. $40/person. Register online. Organized by Friends of Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park. 985-7373, admin@fhvnp.org, fhvnp.org

‘Alalā Project Update, Thursday, Nov. 14, 6:30-8p.m., Volcano Art Center. $5 donation suggested. 967-8222, volcanoartcenter.org

Hawaiian Civic Club of Ka‘ū, Thursday, Nov. 14, 6:30p.m., United Methodist Church, Nā‘ālehu. Pres. Berkeley Yoshida, 747-0197

Health Insurance Sign-Up, Friday, Nov. 15, 10a.m.-3p.m., Ocean View Community Center. 939-7033, ovcahi.org

Small Group Kama‘oa Cleanup, Saturday, Nov. 16. Limited space available. Contact to be added to waitlist. 769-7629, mattieHWF@gmail.com, or kahakai.cleanups@gmail.comwildhawaii.org

Mobile Spay & Neuter Waggin', Saturday, Nov. 16, 7:30a.m.-4p.m., St. Jude's Episcopal Church, Ocean View. Low income pet parents and those with limited transportation qualify for mobile spay/neuter service. Free. Surgery by phone appointment only. Hawai‘i Island Humane Society, 796-0107, hihs.org

Art Fair, Saturday, Nov. 16, 8a.m.-3p.m., Ocean View Community Center. Hand-crafted and locally produced items on display and for sale by Ka‘ū artists and craftspeople. DeeDee, 785-1158

Fundraising Bazaar, Saturday, Nov. 16, 9a.m.-2p.m., Kauaha‘ao Congregational Church, Wai‘ōhinu. Free entry. Hot lunches and baked goods for sale. Vendor booths. Debbie Wong Yuen, 928-8039

Free Haircut Day, Saturday, Nov. 16, 9a.m.-1p.m., St. Jude's Episcopal Church. Kady and Drew Foster. 12 slots available. Also, Free Shower Day and The Big Island Giving Tree will hand out clothes and items like razors and toothbrushes. 939-7000, stjudeshawaii.org

Nature & Culture, Saturday, Nov. 16, 9:30-11:30a.m., Kahuku Unit, HVNP. Free, moderate hike, approx. 2 miles. nps.gov/havo

Guided Hike On A 60 Year Old Lava Lake, Saturday, Nov. 16, 10a.m.-2p.m., Kīlauea Iki Overlook, HVNP. Organized by Friends of Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park. Moderate to challenging 2.4 mile (one way) hike. $80/person. Register online. Park entrance fees may apply. 985-7373, admin@fhvnp.orgfhvnp.org

Mixed Media Encaustic with Mary Milelzcik, Saturday, Nov. 16, 10a.m.-3p.m., Volcano Art Center. $55/VAC member, $60/non-member, plus $30 supply fee. Supplies provided. 967-8222, volcanoartcenter.org

Ocean View C.E.R.T. Mtg., Saturday, Nov. 16, 10a.m.-1p.m., Ocean View Community Center. Community Emergency Response Team monthly meeting and training. 939-7033, ovcahi.org

Hula Kahiko - Kumu Ha‘amauliola Aiona with haumana (students) of Ke Kula ‘O Nāwahīokalani‘ōpu‘u Public Charter School, Saturday, Nov. 16, 10:30-11:30a.m., hula platform near Volcano Art Center Gallery. Hula performance. Free; park entrance fees apply. 967-8222, volcanohula@gmail.com, volcanoartcenter.org

Nā Mea Hula with Wes Awana, Saturday, Nov. 16, 11a.m.-1p.m., Volcano Art Center Gallery porch. Hands-on cultural demonstration. Free; park entrance fees apply. 967-8222, volcanohula@gmail.comvolcanoartcenter.org

Hi‘iaka & Pele, Sunday, Nov. 17, 9:30-11:30a.m., Kahuku Unit, HVNP. Free, moderate, one-mile walk. nps.gov/havo

P&R T-Ball League Registration, Nov. 18 - Jan. 6, Kahuku Park. Ages 5-6. Athletic shoes required. Program takes place Jan. 13 - Apr. 16, day and time TBA. 929-9113, hawaiicounty.gov/departments/parks-and-recreation/recreation

Nature Wreath Registration, Nov. 18-25, program takes place Tuesday, Nov. 26, 3-4p.m. Ages 6-14. 929-9113, hawaiicounty.gov/departments/parks-and-recreation/recreation

West Hawai‘i Master Gardeners Program Accepting Applications through Friday, Nov. 15cms.ctahr.hawaii.edu/whmgprogram/HOME/West-Hawaii. Classes take place Jan. 14 - April 17, 2020, every Tuesday, 9a.m.-noon. $200/person.

P&R Track & Field Practice Registration, through Wednesday, Nov. 20Kahuku Park. Ages 6-14. Athletic shoes required. Program takes place Dec. 2 - Feb. 8, day and time TBA. 929-9113, hawaiicounty.gov/departments/parks-and-recreation/recreation

Vendor Booth Space is Available for the Kamahalo Craft Fair. The 12th annual event will be held Thanksgiving weekend, Friday, Nov. 299 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday, Nov. 30, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Cooper Center. Booths are open for crafters with quality homemade and homegrown products. Food vendors must prepare all food items in a certified kitchen and must have a Department of Health permit displayed prominently at their booth. Application online at thecoopercenter.org. Direct questions to 936-9705 or kilaueatutu@gmail.com.

Tūtū & Me Home Visiting Program is a free service to Pāhala families with keiki, birth to five years old. This caregiver support program offers those taking care of young keiki "a compassionate listening ear, helpful parenting tips and strategies, fun and exciting activities, and wonderful educational resources" from Tūtū & Me Traveling Preschool. Home visits are one hour in length, two to four times per month, for 12 to 15 visits. Snacks are provided. See pidfoundation.org or call Tata Compehos and Melody Espejo at 808-938-1088.

King Cab 2016 Nissan Frontier for Sale by Holy Rosary Church of Pāhala and the Sacred Heart Church of Nāʻālehu. The parishes are selling the truck to raise funds to benefit both churches. The truck is a great 6 cylinder, 2WD automobile. The churches are asking for $21K or best offer. Only cash or cashier's check will be accepted. Anyone interested should contact the parish secretary Tuesday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. at 928-8208.

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