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Sunday, October 22, 2023

Kaʻū News Briefs Sunday, Oct. 22 , 2023

Aulani's Hula Hālau is open to new members at its location in Ocean View. The hālau was based in Waikoloa for over 30 years.
At left is Kumu Kekahi Young. At right is Kumu Aulani Young. Photo from Aulani's Hula Hālau

A RENOWNED KUMU HULA AND CULTURAL PRACTITIONER is opening up her halau to consider new members. Aulani Young, with a long tradition in hula, singing, chanting and cultural practices on O'ahu and this island, is now based in Ocean View and classes are on Thursday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. She is joined by her grandson and Kumu Kekahi Young, well known for his singing and dance. Their halau is based two blocks off of Hwy 11 on King Kamehameha Ave and can be reached by texting or calling 808-987-7443 to inquire for participation.
Aulani's Hula Hālau performed on Saturday at Keola Pu‘uhonua next to Punalu‘u Bake Shop,
 as guest of Hālau Hula O Leionālani and Kumu Debbie Ryder. Photo by Brenda Iokepa Moses
    On Saturday, Aulani's Hula Hālau performed as guests of Hālau Hula O Leonalani and Kumu Debbie Ryder at Ke Ola  Pu‘uhonua cultural grounds adjacent to Punalu‘u Bake Shop in Nā‘ālehu.
    Kekahi Young said his grandmother Aulani started a life of dancing when she was three, and continued to became a soloist. On O‘ahu, in the early years, she performed with many of the famous leaders in Hawaiian entertainment, including the Kodak Hula Show, Don Ho and Kawai Cockett. She was a student of Henry Pa and Mamo Hao. Kekahi said that with George Na‘ope's encouragement, she became the Miss Aloha Hula at the 1972 Merrie Monarch.  She is also known to be a songwriter, chanter and lei
Kekahi Young and Demetrius Oliveira.
 Photo by Brenda Iokepa Moses
maker. "She is the idol of Hawaiian culture," said her grandson, who is 27 years of age. "There is much hula lineage. She is the one who helped open the door for we younger kumu to continue the tradition," he said.
    Her own hālau's journey began in Waimanalo, Kaneohe and other places on O‘ahu and moved to this island and Waikoloa over 30 years ago. The move to Ocean View came right after Covid.
    Kekahi Young said the halau focuses on traditional Hawaiian Kahiko and Auana dance, making lei, costumes, drums and all that is needed for the dancers. The halau travels to culturally significant places. "A lot of Kahukahi," unity, he said.
    Kekahi Young started recording in high school, with the first album sporting the band's name, Hu‘ewa. The band won a Nā Hoku Hanohano Award in 2015 and was the subject in a documentary film on PBS. 
    The hālau and band has been around the world, traveled monthly to Japan, and performed on cruise ships.  Aulani's Hula Hālau has also danced for the Emperor of Japan, "and is particularly loved. We are not only doing hula, we are teaching the culture, helping our students to understand to love and care and what it's like to be a kanaka," said Kekahi Young.

THE ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT COMMISSION for Hawai‘i County meets this coming Tuesday, Oct. 24. Mikala Pieper and Charles Cravalho of Hānai Kaiāulu are set to give a presentation on their efforts to create soil, engage community, and expand educational opportunities relating to resource
See https://www.hanaikaiaulu.org/
recovery of cardboard.
    The Commission, whose Kaʻū member is Lee McIntosh, will also accept recommendations, if any, to the September 2023 draft of the revised Hawai‘i County General Plan.
    Commissioners are scheduled to propose specific comments for the General Plan's section 3.5 on Wastewater Treatment and Reuse and section 4.3 on Solid Waste Management.
    Recommendations, if any, will be accepted for the Solid Waste Operational Study regarding disposal surcharge at the point of purchase.
    Recommendations, if any, will be accepted for the Solid Waste Operational Study regarding solid waste hauling contingency plans during the closure of the Daniel K. Inouye Highway. 5.
    The Commission is scheduled to adopt a position regarding support for extended producer responsibility legislation such as SB 1458 SD1 (2023) in the 2024 legislative session.
    Also on the agenda are recommendations to the County to adopt a policy on waste management, reduction, and/or landfill diversion regarding the film industry.

KAʻŪ ROPING & RIDING BUSTED OUT A RODEO on Saturday at Nāʻālehu Rodeo Grounds. The one day event for kane and wahine, keiki to kupuna, went on 'til sundown, with the last competition being the children in calf riding. See more on the rodeo and the results in upcoming editions of The Ka‘ū News Briefs.

Four paniolo on foot and one on horseback oversee the safety of a young novice in calf riding
at Kaʻū Roping & Riding Rodeo on Saturday at Nā‘ālehu Rodeo Grounds. Photos by Julia Neal