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Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Kaʻū News Briefs, Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Halau Hula Leonalani in Japan: Top row dancers are Jamie Kailiawa, Jezarie Dacalio, Alexi Navarro, Kumo Debbie Ryder, Khloe Moses, Leiahi Ka'awa, Arabella Ortega, Zaelee Navarro, Christy Gross and Chelsea Kobzi. Bottom row are Japanese hula sister, Mona Wroblewski, Sensei Miko, Zendaiyah Kobzi, Florida Ortega, Mia Manatan and Melani Manatan.
Photo by Laurie Roush-Ortega

All aboard for a cultural exchange in Japan are members of Halau
Hula Leionalani, based in Pāhala. Photo by Laurie Roush-Ortega
HALAU HULA 'O LEONALANI RETURNED FROM JAPAN on Tuesday after performances, cultural exchanges and visiting historic sites.
    The halau members, under the direction of Kumu Hula Debbie Ryder, participated in Mele Paina on July 9 at Kawasaki City's Sangyo Shinobu  Kaikan Hall. The event was sponsored by Kanto Gakuin University College of Intercultural Studies, Ala Moana Produce, and Kawasaki Hawaiian Project.

Dancers from Pāhala share their skills with students in Japan.
Photo by Laurie Roush-Ortega
    Some of the halau and their family members stayed extra days to see more of Japan. Halau members chosen for the trip ranged from keiki to kupuna. They are: Jamie Kailiawa, Jezarie Dacalio, Alexi Navarro, Khloe Moses, Leiahi Ka'awa, Arabella Ortega, Zaelee Navarro, Christy Gross, Chelsea Kobzi, Mona Wroblewski, Zendaiyah Kobzi, Florida Ortega, Mia Manatan and Melani Manatan. In addition to Kumu Ryder, Demetrius Oliveira and Gene Beck traveled to Japan to accompany the halau with music.
Halau Hula Leionalani offered public presentations in Japan over the past week. Photo by Laurie Roush-Ortega

Halau members form Pāhala practiced calligraphy with Japanese preschool
and kindergarten students. Photo by Laurie Roush-Ortega
    In addition to hula, calligraphy was an activity taken up by halau members who visited a Japanese preschool and kindergarten class. They also took up origami, hosted by the young Japanese students.
    The trip to Japan was funded by families and patrons, with numerous fundraisers during the last year.
    Sister halau from Japan plan to visit Pāhala for their own performances and cultural exchange later this year. Also in Japan over the past week were sister halau from Mexico, Okinawa and Virginia who plan to come here this Fall. 
    Halau Hula Leonalani holds its free classes at Pāhala Hongwanji with regular keiki and adult sessions. Call Kumu Rider at 808-649-9334.

Japanese preschool and kindergarten students welcome halau members from Kaʻū to origami class. Photo by Laurie Roush Ortega

VIBRANT HAWAI'I IS OFFERING AN ART FELLOWSHIP. The sponsors will select up to 12 local artists with the purpose of creating art that enhances collective well-being, celebrates diverse stories of home and culture, and builds community resilience and social cohesion. The Fellowship is part of a national One Nation/One Project cohort that focuses on the intersection between arts and wellness. All disciplines welcome, and we're aiming to have an artist from every district on the island. For one year, art fellows will engage in monthly fellowship gatherings to develop relationships and learn from experts in personal and professional development. In July 2024, at the end of the 12-month fellowship, artists will exhibit their work in a one-day showcase.

CIVIL DEFENSE UPDATED THE BRUSH FIRE SITUATION NEAR KAMA'OA ROAD on Tuesday at 8:30 a.m., revealing some damage to structures and vehicles. By late morning at least one hot spot had burst into flame on the Green Sands side of Kama'oa Road, the firefighters killing it.
        Civil Defense reported, "Hawai'i Fire Department reports fire personnel continue to fight the brush fire that started yesterday near Kama`oa Road in Kaʻū District. The fire is reported to have consumed 42 acres and caused some damage to structures and vehicles in the area.
    "All roads are open. Motorists in the area, please drive with caution as fire crews and equipment remain on scene addressing hotspots.
    "If you are a resident in the area and sustained damages due to this fire, please contact and report damages to Civil Defense at 808-935-0031."

County and Volunteer Fire Department fought this 42-acre fire from Monday morning into Tuesday off Kama'oa Road which was shut down for part of Monday. On Tuesday, a hotspot launched more fire on the Green Sands side of Kama'oa. 
Photo by Bob Martin

Five thousand in the mail, 2,500 on the street.
See the July edition of The Kaʻū Calendar Newspaper

2023 CIRCULAR SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIES: PUTTING THE PIECES TOGETHER is a conference sponsored by University of Hawai'i - Hilo July 17-19  at Waikoloa Beach Marriott. A statement from U.H. says it "will provide an overview of what it will take to implement climate change solutions. Industry leaders will address technology, business, cultural, and community issues, and tours of NELHA and the Kona Brewpub will highlight novel approaches to sustainability."

2023 MALAMA HONUA: INDIGENOUS. PERSPECTIVES ON SUSTAINABILITY is a conference sponsored by University of Hawai'i - Hilo July 19-21 at U.H. Hilo's Ka Haka ʻUla O Keʻelikōlani College of Hawaiian Language. A statement from U.H. says, it will "re-examine sustainability from a Pacific perspective through the context of voyaging, indigenous agriculture, language, and education. The conference will give voice to insights, knowledge, values, and cultural practices from the Pacific. Speakers include Nainoa Thompson (via video link), Noa Lincoln, Larry Kimura, and Konai Helu Thaman. The conference is supported by the UH Center for Indigenous Innovation & Health Equity.
    Registration for the public is free for both conferences . See hilo.hawaii.edu. Walk-in registration (no conference food) is open through July 12.

KAʻŪ ROPING & RIDING RODEO WRAPPED UP ON SUNDAY with many memories for paniolo and enthusiasts and an abundance of photos of the winners and attendees. See them published in last Saturday, Sunday and Monday Ka'u News Briefs and below, as well as in upcoming Kaʻū News Briefs
Elle-Marie Jose won the four and under Dummy  Roping and Goat
 Un-decorating contests at the Kaʻū Roping & Riding events over the
weekend, accompanied by Rodeo Princess Shaelia Freitas.
Photos by Marlene Freitas

Kaʻū Roping & Riding Rodeo Fan. Photo by Dee Peters

Paniolo carrying the U.S. and Hawaiian flags at Kaʻū Roping & Riding events were Lorilee Lorenzo and Ikaika Grace,
accompanied here by Rodeo Princess Shaelia Freitas. Photo by Marlene Freitas