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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ka`u News Briefs Thursday, April 24, 2014

Representatives of Ka`u Coffee Mill and The Ka`u Calendar are in Seattle today getting ready for the 2014 Specialty Coffee Association
of America international event at Seattle Convention Center. Among those attending are, from left, Ed Olson, land manager John Cross,
coffee farmer Bull Kailiawa (and Jamie Kailiawa, not shown), Chief Ka`u Coffee Mill Roaster Kalikoweo Keolanui-Daniele,
Ka`u Coffee Mill manager Louis Daniele and The Ka`u Calendar publisher Julia Neal.
A PHYSICIAN'S RESIDENCY PROGRAM that could help fund doctors to serve Ka`u patients through Hilo Medical Center has received funding from the state Legislature. A conference committee yesterday came up with a compromise between the last House and Senate versions of the item in HB1700, the state budget.
Mufi Hannemann is running for
governor. Photo by Julia Neal
      HMC requested $2.8 million in state funding to run the program, and the Legislature approved $2 million. It now awaits approval from Gov. Neil Abercrombie.
      “Thank you to everyone who helped work on this important program, also to our Hawai`i Island delegates and all our good people who work for the state of Hawai`i so hard,” said Lori Rogers, Executive Director of Hilo Medical Center Foundation. “We know you listen to us.”
      The program received accreditation in October and accepted its first class of resident physicians last month.
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MUFI HANNEMANN IS RUNNING FOR GOVERNOR. Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports that the former mayor of Honolulu will be a candidate of the newly formed Hawai`i Independent Party. Hannemann will be on the general election ballot Nov. 4.
      According to reporter Derrick DePledge, Hannemann is counting on the Democratic and Republican candidates splitting the vote, which could allow him to win with a plurality.
      Sen. David Ige is challenging Gov. Neil Abercrombie in the Democratic primary on Aug. 9, and former Lt. Gov. James “Duke” Aiona is expected to run on the Republican ticket.
      “I think clearly people are not happy with the way both major parties sometimes push folks to accept party platforms — or the rigidity of party platforms — either having to appeal to the far left or the far right,” Hannemann told DePledge. “I’ve always been a moderate. I’ve always been a centrist. I’ve always been independent.
      “And I’ve always done better in general elections where more people vote and I’m able to appeal to people across the spectrum.”
      Hannemann lost the gubernatorial race to Gov. Neil Abercrombie in the 2010 Democratic primary and the U.S. Congress race to U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard in the 2012 Democratic primary.
      See staradvertiser.com.
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GOV. NEIL ABERCROMBIE HAS SIGNED HOUSE BILL 2275 (Act 26), a measure to increase protection of distressed homeowners against predatory mortgage rescue fraud. Act 26 expands the definition of “distressed property consultant” to anyone who represents or assists those who provide distressed property consultant services for an advance fee.
Gov. Neil Abercrombie signs a bill that increases protection of homeowners from
predatory mortgage rescue fraud. Photo from Office of the Governor
      It also clarifies that attorneys exempt from this definition must be licensed by, and engaged in the practice of law in, the state of Hawai`i.
      “We want those who prey upon the fears and vulnerability of homeowners to know we will not allow them to take advantage of Hawai`i’s people,” Abercrombie said. “Hawai`i’s homeowners will benefit from this legislation by further conforming our laws to federal regulations.”
      Act 26 aligns Hawai`i law with the Federal Trade Commission’s Mortgage Assistance Relief Services rule adopted in 2010, assisting the state Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs’ Office of Consumer Protection in enforcing the mortgage rescue fraud law against all persons involved in a scheme, such as the alleged scam announced last week that OCP believes may have affected more than 500 Hawai`i homeowners.
      Anyone who believes they may have been the victim of a mortgage rescue scam may file a complaint with the OCP by contacting the Consumer Resource Center at 808-587-4272 or cca.hawaii.gov/ocp.
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Na`alehu Volunteer Fire Department used its recently acquired red truck to fight
Tuesday's brushfire at Punalu`u. Photo by Ron Johnson
MOP-UP OPERATIONS CONTINUED yesterday after Tuesday’s brushfire that scorched 12 acres at Punalu`u. Winds of 25 – 35 miles per hour fed the fire and took it from a coastal area south of the beach park toward Colony One condominiums. Crews remained on the scene throughout Tuesday night to douse any flare-ups.
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ENERGY INNOVATION COMES TO THE BIG ISLAND is the title of a recent article by Life of the Land Director Henry Curtis on his Ililani Media. Curtis reports on discussions held at the March meeting of Hawai`i County Energy Advisory Commission.
      Curtis reports that Hawai`i County, Hawai`i Electric Light Company and Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawai`i Authority have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to test energy storage devices.
      Hawai`i County Energy Coordinator Will Rolston said, “There’s a PV system provided under a Department of Energy grant” which will provide 30 kilowatts of power to companies so they can test their energy storage systems.”
      He added that “HELCO will be responsible for comparing that technology to other technologies so it will be a kind of verification of costs, how it works, how it can be deployed on the grid.”
Henry Curtis, Director of Life of the Land
      According to Curtis, NELHA will provide space for pre-commercial demonstration projects and 16 companies have expressed interest.
      Community Solar is another innovation discussed at the meeting. In this system, utility customers could buy shares in a renewable energy facility built to easily integrate into the HELCO grid, according to Curtis. “Customers would see a decrease in their utility bill based on the amount of energy produced by their share in the renewable energy facility,” he says.
      Steve Burns, the county’s first energy coordinator, said Community Solar would need to be approved by the Public Utilities Commission; that promoting the concept “would have to be pursued from a policy standpoint at the regulatory arena.”
      Curtis reports that David De Luz, Jr., Chair of the Hawai`i County Energy Advisory Commission, “noted the value of looking at the Big Picture and engaging the community.” De Luz said, “The concept is not to be siloed. Does it make it more difficult to stay focused in regards to some of the outcomes? There’s no doubt. Does it create questions that lead to more questions? Definitely. But I believe the exercise in itself in being able to engage is probably where we need to get to, so people are more vested in wanting it to continue.”
      See ililanimedia.blogspot.com.
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REPRESENTATIVES OF Ka`u Coffee Mill and The Ka`u Calendar are in Seattle today getting ready for the 2014 Specialty Coffee Association of America international event at Seattle Convention Center. Among those attending are Ed Olson, land manager John Cross, coffee farmer Bull Kailiawa, Jamie Kailiawa, Chief Ka`u Coffee Mill Roaster Kalikoweo Keolanui-Daniele, Ka`u Coffee Mill manager Louis Daniele and The Ka`u Calendar publisher Julia Neal. They will be joined by Hawaiian singer and musician Wailau Ryder, Bob Makuakane and family and other Seattle-area supporters of Ka`u Coffee.
      Hawai`i Coffee Association member and broker Chris Manfredi will also attend, along with Ka`u Coffee Specialty broker Malian Lahey and representatives of other award-winning coffee farms.
      The event opens tonight and runs through Sunday afternoon. Several Ka`u Coffees are entered in roasting competitions.
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Melia Taganas competes for the title of Miss Aloha Hula today
at Merrie Monarch. Photo from Moku O Keawe Intl. Festival
MELIA KAU`IKEONALANI CARMEN TAGANAS, of Pahala, competes in the Miss Aloha Hula contest at Merrie Monarch today. Taganas, a member of Halau Na Le Hiwahiwa `O Ku`ualoha under the direction of Kumu Hula Sammye Ann Ku`ualoha Young, will perform hula kahiko, hula `auana and oli (chanting).
      The contest is to be televised on KFVE beginning at 5:45 p.m. from Edith Kanaka`ole Stadium in Hilo.

HIKI NO HIGHLIGHTS SEGMENTS BY STUDENTS from Ka`u High School, Volcano School of Arts & Sciences and Kua O Ka La in Miloli`i. The show airs this evening at 7:30 p.m. on PBS Channel 10.

HAWAI`I VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK CONTINUES its celebration of Merrie Monarch this week with programs at Kilauea Visitor Center. All programs are part of Hawai`i Volcanoes’ ongoing `Ike Hana No`eau: Experience the Skillful Work workshops and take place from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
      The following programs take place tomorrow:

  • Kapa maker Kuuleimomi Makuakane-Salave`a shares the art of kapa making.
  • Members of `Aha Puhala o Puna perpetuate the ancient art of lauhala weaving.
  • Lito Arkangel plays his original compositions and Hawaiian favorites.

Participants learn Advanced Zentangle Saturday.
Photo from VAC
      All programs are free; park entrance fees apply.

OCEAN VIEW COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CORP. meets tomorrow at 5 p.m. at Hawaiian Ranchos offices. For more information, email fda@alohabroadband.net.

JULIE EVANS AND LOIS AND EARL STOKES teach Advanced Zentangle: White on Black, Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Volcano Art Center’s Ni`aulani Campus. Register at 967-8222.

THE DEADLINE TO ENTER the Ka`u Coffee Festival’s Triple C Recipe Contest is coming up on Wednesday, April 30. The contest takes place on Sunday, May 4 at Ka`u Coffee Mill. Participants can earn up to $500 in prizes for the best recipes in adult and student categories. The registration form can be printed out from these Ka`u News Briefs or from kaucoffeefestival.com.
      For more information, call Ka`u Coffee Mill at 928-0550.


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