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Saturday, March 05, 2016

Ka`u Calendar News Briefs Saturday, March 5, 2016

Ka`u High boys volleyball team again took first place at an annual tournament last Saturday. Assistant coach Jade and daughter Janayah Cabreros, #5 Janslae Badua, #8 Jacob Flores, #3 Jovan Padrigo, #1 Trevor Taylor, #7 Travis Taylor, #4 Pete Dacalio, #20 Jamal Buyuan, and Head Coach Joshua Oretga. See more below. Photo from Joshua Ortega
ALL ELIGIBLE HAWAI`I VOTERS IN KA`U who are interested in helping to choose the Republican Presidential candidate for Hawai`i are encouraged to attend the party’s caucus at Na`alehu Elementary School cafeteria Tuesday and vote from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Unregistered voters can register and join the party before casting ballots. “Voters do not have to be members of the Hawai`i Republican Party because they will be asked to fill out a party card before they vote,” said Lee McIntosh, chief volunteer for the Ka`u caucus. A photo ID is required to vote.
      Current Republic candidates are, in alphabetical order, Texas’ U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, Ohio’s Gov. John Kasich, Florida’s U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio and businessman Donald Trump.
      Those who have any questions or are unable to vote in Ka`u may vote at other polling locations listed at http://gophawaii.com/?page_id=822&mc_cid=97b080d234&mc_eid=8b1aaeb543.
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HFUU supports on-farm mentoring.
A BILL THAT WOULD ESTABLISH on-farm mentoring programs passed the state Senate Ways & Means Committee. Hawai`i Farmers Union United reported that SB2137 would appropriate $500,00 to the Department of Agriculture to support programs throughout the state.
      According to the bill, “The development of a whole farm system approach to agriculture in Hawai`i that pays close attention to soil health, specifically increasing mineral availability and improving soil structure, water-holding capacity, crop health and food nutrition levels, will lower water usage through deployment of green manure, compost and cover crops; reduce crop loss from pest damage; and decrease weed pressure. This whole farm system approach to agriculture can improve food security and benefit the local economy through reducing production costs by promoting locally sourced inputs and the manufacturing thereof. Teaching a new generation of farmers to use this whole farm system approach will create an alternative method of farming that appeals to many young farmers across the state. Currently, there is a shortage of qualified teachers for these farm methods. On-farm mentoring aims to fulfill this need by bringing the students to the farm and providing qualified farm mentors with funding.”
      Ka`u residents can track progress of this and other bills at capitol.hawaii.gov.
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Colleagues joined Sen. Mazie Hirono's call for action on an
eventual nominee to the Supreme Court.
Photo from Sen. Hirono's Office
HAWAI`I’S U.S. SENATORS continue to push their colleagues to commit to taking any action on President Obama’s eventual nominee to fill the Supreme Court vacancy caused by Justice Antonin Scalia’s death. Republican Congress members have said they will not act on any nomination until after a new president replaces Barack Obama, who has reached his term limit. Voters will cast their ballots on Tuesday, Nov. 8.
      Several Senate colleagues and Congressional Black Caucus leaders joined Sen. Mazie Hirono, who said, “It is unprecedented to announce unilaterally that no part of advice and consent will occur until after an election. There is a law enacted nearly 150 years ago that says that the Supreme Court shall consist of nine justices, which also presumes that when a vacancy occurs, the President will nominate a replacement and the Senate will provide advice and consent. In my view, this law is violated when Senate Republicans say that it’s OK to leave a vacancy unfilled for over a year.”
      Sen. Brian Schatz said, “A recent poll showed that 69 percent of Americans say that Senate Republicans should consider President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court and take an up-or-down confirmation vote on that person. The Constitution is clear on what should happen next. The American people are clear on what should happen next. Senate Republicans should simply do their job instead of playing political games and commit to considering President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court.”
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USGS HAWAIIAN VOLCANO OBSERVATORY geologist Don Swanson was recently named as the recipient of two prestigious awards, HVO reported in the current issue of Volcano Watch
      “In May 2016, he will receive the U.S. Geological Survey’s Shoemaker Award for Lifetime Achievement in Communications. This annual award honors a USGS scientist who has created excitement and enthusiasm for science among non-scientists and recognizes the recipient’s lifetime contributions to science through effective communication skills.
Geologist Don Swanson is known for his passionate public
outreach. Photo from USGS/HVO 
      “During the Geological Society of America Annual Meeting in September 2016, Don will receive the GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division’s Distinguished Geologic Career Award. This annual GSA award goes to an individual who has made distinguished contributions, with emphasis on multidisciplinary and field-based approaches, in one or more geologic fields of research throughout his/her career.
      “The GSA award citation states, in part, that ‘as a field-focused geologist, Dr. Swanson combines both strong disciplinary impact in igneous processes and volcanic hazards with unusually passionate public outreach.’ It goes on to say, ‘field-based researchers rarely achieve the same impact in the literature as their academic counterparts, yet Dr. Swanson's publication record is outstanding and his work has significantly directed volcanic hazards policy.’ 
      “Don’s career as a USGS volcanologist spans more than 50 years, six states, and four countries.
      “On the U.S. mainland, Don mapped and studied the Columbia River basalt, a huge lava field that erupted from 17 to six million years ago and inundated much of eastern Washington and parts of Oregon and Idaho. Don also served as lead geologist for the USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory in Vancouver, Washington, where he played a critical role in the monitoring and documentation of the cataclysmic eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980. Six years later, he became CVO’s Scientist-in-Charge.
      “Don’s first stint at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory was as a staff geologist in 1968–1971, during which he documented Kilauea Volcano’s Mauna Ulu eruption. He returned to Hawai`i in 1996, and for nearly eight years, he was HVO’s Scientist-in-Charge. In 2004, Don rotated back to a research scientist position at HVO, where he continues to unravel the geologic history of Kilauea.
      “Throughout his USGS career, Don has been an enthusiastic communicator of volcano science and hazards. His outreach contributions have spurred public interest in volcanoes and encouraged students to pursue earth science careers.
      “As Scientist-in-Charge, Don supported CVO and HVO staff in their development of museum and visitor center displays that have been seen by hundreds of thousands of people. For example, a traveling exhibition on Cascade and Hawaiian volcanoes, created by the USGS in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution, was showcased in 11 major cities.
      “Early on, Don saw the potential of the Internet and made HVO’s Web presence a priority of his leadership tenure. Using the website to post daily updates about Kilauea’s eruption, Don captivated readers around the world with his observations, which were presented in a consistent style that was not overly technical but still maintained scientific rigor. The updates also conveyed his passion and curiosity as a scientist wanting to discover more about Kilauea’s history.
      “Don’s prose has also graced USGS Fact sheets, USGS General Interest Products, and numerous newspaper columns, all of which have been well-received by the public.
      “As a speaker, Don’s experience and eloquence has led to countless media interviews and hundreds of diverse community forums to his credit. His recent presentations have focused on his ongoing research into the serious hazard implications of Kilauea’s explosive history, as well as the links between Native Hawaiian culture and volcano science.
      “Don is committed to knowledge transfer. He has trained hundreds of National Park Service and U.S. Forest Service interpreters on how to convey the geology and hazards of Hawaiian and Cascade Range volcanoes to the public. He is also a prolific field trip leader for undergraduate and graduate geology students wanting to learn about Kilauea.”
      See hvo.wr.usgs.gov/volcanowatch.
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CONGRATULATIONS TO KA`U HIGH School boys volleyball team that took first place for the second consecutive time in the Big Island Under 300 Boys Volleyball Invitational Tournament this passed Saturday on Saturday, Feb. 27. “Playing five games in a row with only seven players, they where tired at times, but all of them stayed strong. At the end, it was all worth it,” Coach Joshua Ortega said.
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See vast vistas on the Palm Trail Hike tomorrow. NPS Photo
KAHUKU UNIT OF HAWAI`I VOLCANOES National Park offers its popular Palm Trail Hike tomorrow from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. This free, moderately difficult, 2.6-mile, loop-trail hike provides one of the best panoramic views Kahuku has to offer.
      See nps.gov/havo.

BEGINNING HAWAIIAN LANGUAGE classes take place tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. at Ka`u Youth Center near Na`alehu Community Center. Classes on the first and third Tuesday of each month are taught by kupuna Jeannette Howard. An informal kanikapila stressing songs of Ka`u follows the classes, which are free and open to everyone.
      For more information, call Beverly Byouk at 936-7262.


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