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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ka`u News Briefs Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015

Eight persons with dengue fever have visited Ka`u. as of Friday, Nov. 6. Officials hold a meeting about the disease today at 6 p.m. at Na`alehu Community Center. Map from Hawai`i Department of Health
AREAS OF NA`ALEHU ARE BEING sprayed or treated today by Hawai`i Department of Health’s Vector Control division, reducing the mosquito population in an attempt to limit the spread of dengue fever. Mosquitoes pass the disease from person to person through bites.
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Fight the Bite campaign.
      As of Friday, Nov. 6, eight of 23 people with confirmed cases of dengue fever on Hawai`i Island visited Ka`u, from north of Na`alehu to Kahuku. Of 33 cases confirmed on the island as of today, 25 are Hawai`i residents, and eight are visitors.
 Twenty-nine cases have been in adults; four have been pediatric. Onset of illness has ranged between Sept. 15 to Nov. 2.
      Hawai`i Department of Health continues to routinely monitor for cases of imported dengue infection on all islands and will continue to have Vector Control perform mosquito site assessments and abatement as needed. Since the beginning of DOH’s current investigation on Hawai`i island, one imported dengue fever case has been confirmed on O`ahu. This case is not associated with the Hawai`i Island investigation.
      Hawai`i County and state officials hold a public meeting about the outbreak today at 6 p.m. at Na`alehu Community Center.
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A SMALL CREW OF LOCAL WORKERS will conduct site preparation activities at the Thirty Meter Telescope site on Mauna Kea this month, starting with equipment maintenance and repairs, according to Henry Yang, chair of the TMT International Observatory Board of Governors. An exact date has not been announced.
      “We would like to thank our many supporters in the community,” Yang said. “Each of our partners remains committed to building the Thirty Meter Telescope in Hawai`i. In California, Canada, China, Japan and India, work is being conducted to develop and build various components for the observatory, and we look forward to the day when it will come together.
      “We are deeply committed to respectful stewardship of the mountain and to the vision that integrates science and culture in Hawai`i and enriches the educational opportunities and local economy. We will continue to follow the state’s laws, procedures and processes, as we have done for more than eight years, while respectfully awaiting the Supreme Court’s decision.”
      While workers associated with TMT begin maintenance and repair activities, hunting and other recreational activities and research also continue on the mountain.
      “Mauna Kea is very much a multiple-use area for a wide array of cultural, recreational and research activities,” said Suzanne Case, Chair of the state Department of Land and Natural Resources. “Our goal is to ensure that people on the mountain conduct themselves responsibly and with respect for other users. As local workers prepare to begin work at the TMT site, we want to remind people of other simultaneous activities that may be occurring on the mountain.”
      DLNR Division of Forestry and Wildlife will conduct animal control activities specifically for trapping mouflon/feral sheep hybirds, as well as staff hunting and/or aerial shooting from helicopters for feral goats, sheep, mouflon and mouflon/sheep hybrids on Nov. 16-17 and Dec. 14-15. These activities will occur within critical palila habitat in the Mauna Kea Forest Reserve (Unit A), Mauna Kea Ice Age Natural Area Reserve (Unit K) and the Ka`ohe Game Management Area (Unit G). Aerial shooting is required by federal court order to improve and maintain critical habitat for the palila, a bird endemic to Hawai`i. See 
      Also, the 2015-2016 game bird hunting season continues through Sunday, Jan. 31, 2016 on private and public lands. This includes multiple game management units, forest reserves and other public lands on Mauna Kea. For specific information on game bird hunting rules and specific hunting areas, see http://dlnr.hawaii.gov/dofaw/announcements/nr15-160f/.
      “We want everyone conducting customary and traditional practices, enjoying recreational activities, or exercising their free speech rights on Mauna Kea to understand that they are sharing the mountain with many others, and we want an atmosphere where kama`aina and visitors can all enjoy their activities, safely,” Case said.
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THIS IS NATIONAL DROWSY Driving Prevention Week by the National Highway Safety Administration. Hawai`i Police Department reminds motorist to be adequately rested before traveling on roadways.
      Loss of sleep can disrupt an individual’s biological clock and impair performance. NHTSA data shows that fatigue degrades a driver’s reaction time, memory, communication, situational awareness, judgment, attention and mood by 20-50 percent. Drowsy drivers suffer from irritability, attention lapses and micro-naps. Operating a vehicle while drowsy delays your reaction to stopping and can have serious consequences.
      In 2013, Drowsy Driving accounted for 72,000 crashes, 800 fatalities and 44,000 injuries in the United States. A national poll indicated that 60 percent of drivers reported driving while drowsy, and 37 percent reported nodding off while driving. NHTSA estimates that each year drowsy driving crashes result in 1,550 deaths, 71,000 injuries and $12.5 billion in monetary loses. Drowsy Driving is very under-reported but can be prevented by taking measures to get enough sleep.
      National Sleep Foundation offers a few suggestions. Get a good night’s sleep before a long drive (seven to nine hours for adults and 8.5-9.5 hours for teens). If you notice any warning signs of fatigue, find a safe place to get off the road and take a 15-20 minute nap. Schedule proper breaks about every 100 miles. Drive with a friend who will stay awake and watch for signs of fatigue. Avoid alcohol. Always wear your seat belt.
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Sen. Brian Schatz
Sen. Mazie Hirono
TODAY, THE U.S. SENATE PASSED a revised 2016 National Defense Authorization Act by a vote of 91-3. The updated bill will authorize funding for programs important to Hawai`i’s economy and military community. Hawai`i’s senators voted in favor of the bill, as well as for the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Act. Approval of the acts was made possible after Congress reached a bipartisan compromise that lifted sequester caps on both military and domestic spending.
      The Military Construction and VA Appropriations Act includes $444 million for Hawai`i military construction projects, an increase in funding for veterans’ health care and a provision co-authored by Hirono to protect benefits for Filipino World War II veterans.
      “Hawai`i’s key role in the Asia-Pacific continues to be reflected in the NDAA and Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Act,” Hirono said. “The bills passed by the Senate today are the product of bipartisan compromise. The NDAA provides the men and women who serve in our Armed Forces the resources, equipment and training necessary to complete their missions.”
      Sen. Brian Schatz said, “The defense authorization bill includes many provisions that strengthen our national defense, reinforce the need to rebalance to the Asia Pacific – through which Hawai`i is central – and provide our service members with the equipment and training they need to protect America. Congress worked in a bipartisan manner to find a way to authorize funding for the military’s core operations and ensure that we can continue to provide for our service members and their families.”
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HAWAI`I VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK recognizes Veterans Day by waiving entry fees tomorrow.

Col. Debra Lewis Photo from Women in the U.S. Army
OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, Kilauea Military Camp’s Veterans Day Ceremony tomorrow begins at 3 p.m. Keynote speaker is retired Col. Debra Lewis, and guest speaker is William Tehero.
      Lewis’ career has been marked by many firsts, including being the first female captain of West Point’s highly successful intercollegiate equestrian team, the 1980 Academy Equestrian of the Year, and the first female soldier to command a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers District in Iraq, where she was responsible for overseeing the rebuilding efforts in the region. In total, she has commanded three U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Districts.
      Call 967-8371 for more information. 

VETERANS DAY BUFFET BEGINS at 4 p.m. tomorrow at Kilauea Military Camp’s Crater Rim Café. Menu includes prime rib, baked ono and spinach and mushroom Alfredo. $26.95 adults; $13.50 children 6 – 11 years old. Call 967-8371 for more information.

RECYCLE HAWAI`I PRESENTS Hawai`i Recycles Day displays tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at KTA Puainako store in Hilo.
      America Recycles Day on Sunday, Nov. 15 is sponsored by Keep America Beautiful. The nationally recognized day is dedicated to recycling across the United States.
      Recycle Hawai`i urges Ka`u residents to get involved. Take the “I Recycle Pledge,” view The Journey video, and celebrate with others at www.americarecyclesday.org.
      Call 969-2012 or visit www.recyclehawaii.org

THURSDAY NIGHTS AT THE CENTER this month features local author Kahikahealani Wight and her recent book Rainforest Pu`uhonua. The event on Nov. 12 begins at 7 p.m. at Volcano Art Center in Volcano Village.
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